A World Of Second Chances

by Homestate

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From 2007 to 2017 we played music together under a different name.. A few things have change along the way but we couldn't leave this particular album behind. We hope you enjoy <3


released December 15, 2018

Production, Mixing and Mastering: Mark Flanders


all rights reserved



Homestate Perth, Australia

Alternative & Punk from Perth, Australia.

(Previously known as Available At The Counter)

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Track Name: The Hardest Part Of Letting Go
The hardest part of listening to my story
Is that when I get down to the point
It's just simply filled with tragedy
And I don't want to seem dishonest
So I'm going to come right out and say it
Hear me out (hear me out), I know we're done
But I think about you all the time

I want you back but I know that
You've already gone and moved on
I want you back but i know that
Things will never be the same anymore
But why must I wait, It seems that my fate
Is holding me back for some reason
Oh help me, save me, I'm down on my knees
Under these waves, treading water

So by the time it gets to nine
And I think about you press rewind
Yeah I know it's a sickness
A self-destructive addiction
To dwell on the past can't be healthy
And sure it's hard but you're worthy
And I'm okay with that cause
I'd rather it hard than forget what we've been through

I wanted you back but I know that
Feelings would only make things harder
This road is long and I'm lonely
But I know that I'll recover
So into this state, I've fallen and fate
Is not letting up on the discord
It's pulling at me, I know that I'm free
But it's just hard to move on, here's to moving on

I know I said that I want you
But what I meant is I need you
To get me through the darkest part of night
Track Name: Not What I Ordered
The windy streets are cold and it makes it hard to stay out
But the trees are tall and they whistle gently
Calming me ever so slightly
When it gets grey it makes me pack for the last time
Yeah this town and I have history
But I swear to god I've hit the line

Each day grew longer, the wait becoming more than I could bear
All I wanted was a place to call my own
All I wanted was a place to call my home

I can't deal with the rain, I know it's summer
But here we've got all four seasons in the same day
Just take another drive 'round the bay
Looking out into the ocean and haze
This is Albany

I left a sleeping town hurt bruised and bleeding out
I hit the road and I know I'll never turn around
Old friends don't talk to me
Then again I could never really
Be bothered wasting my time

Now that I'm older, looking back at everything I had
This isn't what I wanted darling
It's not what I ordered in my dreams
Track Name: This Time Round
Here we are again just sitting around
Waiting for the world to calm down
It's bothered me some cause I've been
Looking forward to this for so long
But now and then I seem to get caught up in
What I've been running away from
Like a tale of haunting, it's only daunting
Until you turn the lights on

Turn around we won't falter this time
We left Baltimore back at the lights
A whole new world presents itself
A whole new world full of life and joy
(A whole new world presents itself)
But it's up to you to give it half a try

This time round we made it out alive
No holding back now, no turning back now
It's time to say your goodbyes
This time round, I think I found
I think I found a way to get to you
I think I found a way to change my view

Sometimes it's hard to see
How much you really mean to me
And sometimes it's just hard to know
What direction I should go
Track Name: From Summer With Candour
The game is up and I played nice
I gave you all that I had due to some bad advice
Was it what I needed at the time
Or just another pathetic dream of mine

But I guess we’ll never know now
I always seem to take things way to far
Cause I know for sure that last year
I was going way better than I am now

So don’t hold your tongue for the sake of my comfort
The damage is done and you’ve taken me under
Now I’m chasing shadows that linger in the back of my head
(I can't get you out of my head)
If I was never going to stop you then who am I to get in the way
I can’t believe that you’d let it all go to waste
I tried so hard to let it go but in a world of second chances
You’re never getting one from me

I won’t, no I won’t back down I know we’re over now
But I can’t help feeling like the chump who got lead on somewhat strong
Cause when I look at your picture
I relive each day, it’s here to stay
It’s been a long time coming but I think I’m ready
To get on with my life

I can’t take one more look at your face
It’s too late, it’s time to cut the deadweight
Track Name: Individualism Is Overrated
I'm sorry but what's the use of playing these games of hide and seek
When there is so much more than we can even see

Forgive me but I just think
That we should get up off before
Before we end up losing ever single thing

And this is just the way that I choose to see
The world in which I live
I'm not suggesting that you
Drop all and take the same path
But if you start to see through the lies
We're fed from our very birth
I think I can safely say it's time to rise up
And take a stand

So what is it that you want to prove to me so desperately
Cause honestly nothing that you say can deem the truth unworthy

Forgive me but I just think
That you are so far out of your depth
The deep pulling down I bet you
Never prepared for it

Why do we always end up
Failing to be real
Slow down take a breath
Spit it out now
Just spit it out now
Track Name: Third Time's A Charm
So it seems we've slipped into decay
I couldn't tell you cause you said its not okay
For me to be honest with you when it's not in line with you say
I'm getting tired of the mindless words
That you let dribble from your lips
It's time you step it up
Shut your mouth and let the spirit grow freely

I've told you once, I've told you twice
But you haven't taken heed to my advice
So step on down from your high horse
What makes your thoughts better than what I endorse
You're so ignorant but then again
I know they say ignorance is bliss
Materialist you've got a lot to say
Without the support of evidence

So back it up, back it up
I can't take your foolishness and doubt
And what have I done, what have I said
That makes you so defensive
I speak the truth and I do it with love
After all it's a calling from above
So get on up, pass the torch
Cause our time is running out

And I've tried my best
To get it in your head
We've only got one life to live
We've only got one chance
Track Name: People's Song
All these imitations
Fail to satisfy my need for more
Like a wildfire out of control
I'm using up all the air

So get to the point, take me home
Just get me out I need to go
Broken down I'm weak, I've lost all hope
Where were you when I, needed you the most

Not only so but we ourselves
Not by a choice nor by our will
We long for the day, we patiently wait
To be liberated from the grave

What my eyes fails to see
My heart does not grieve for
(It does not grieve for)
So I'll lock up this desire and let it decay
I'm running from yesterday

Blinded by the pain of letting you go
Where were you when I, needed you the most
Track Name: Misfortune
Am I wasting my time again
Falling in love to see the end
I was in it for the long run
But I guess I mustn't be worth it (worth it)
Cause time and time again
I waste my breath on them (my breath on them)

Call it fate, call it whatever you see fit
But make no mistake cause this is realistic
I'm done with you now cause you left heart in pieces
I swear this is the last time I'm taken for granted

And its taken some time for me to find you at fault
But if I wanted you to bend your words
I would've told you upfront, right there and then (there and then)
Now all that's left behind in the wake of every single one of my mistakes
Is the weight upon my shoulders
Bringing me down I can't feel you anymore
There's nothing anymore
Track Name: The Worst Is Over Now
I've waited some time, and held up my end of the bargain
I just can't understand why
I never seem to get beyond you
And this frame of mind is poison
But here I am again at the slightest hope of a second chance

But I'm so sick, I've run myself down and I can't get up without you now
What's left of me laying on ground
And I know it's stupid
Cause I know that you'll never hear this
I just wish I had the nerve tell you back then

But I'm still waiting and I'm still hoping for
One more second chance, another push to get myself off the floor
So you come on at me, you try and break me down
But I've got news for you, the worst is over now

You never gave back to me
The love that I sowed into you
Do you even know how much
Pain you've put me through
So I won't indulge you
It's taken to long to say
You left me to be alone
I just I'm stuck in yesterday
Track Name: A World Of Second Chances
Hey Mom and hey Dad
Just wanted you to know that
I never take for granted the words you said to me
And I'm always thankful for the loving hands that guided me

It's been a long time, a long time coming but I think that I
I need to make my time worth something
I'm getting tired of running myself to the ground
And I can't take it cause it's been so long

I know up and moved away
But I didn't know that I would change so drastically (so drastically)
And I can only hope that it's for the better
Even though I'm stuck in this rainy weather
I know that I've got you on my side

I'm trying to figure out who said change was a good thing
But I'm glad you called me out (the harsh truth is off-putting)
Cause once again I stand in the wake of my own hands
I hope it's not to late to start again (this is the world of a second chance)

I tried to do things right but I
Lost track of time and I lost sight
And tried to make it on my own
Little did I know (little did I know)

But here I stand once again
Clinging to anything that have left
But you told me
That this is the world of the second chance
Track Name: Here's To Moving On
The hardest part of listening to my story
Is waiting for the world calm down
This town and I have got a lot to sort out
And I’m getting tired of running myself to the ground
And I just wish I had the nerve to tell you back then

I know I up and moved away
But I didn’t know that I would change
I tried to do things right but I lost tracked and I lost sight
So don’t hold your tongue, for the sake of my waiting for
I know I said that I want you, but I’m so over it

So this time round, I think I found
The love I was waiting for, it pulled me right up from the ground
And once again I stand right back where it all began
I hope it's not to late to start again

So this time round, I'm letting it all out
This time round, you're not going to stop me now
So I'll let go, of the long and lonely road
That you and I both know, is the one mistake I own

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